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Astrology Chats - A show about the stars

Astrology is known as the Psychology of the Soul. Due to the ancient and encompassing nature of the practice of Astrology, I have started an educational web series called "Astro Chats" each regarding a bit of knowledge about the cosmos in an entertaining manner along with presentation tools. The below is a repository of past episodes that have aired previously.

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We start this episode with defining our terms, specifically "Star Seed" as well as go into an analysis of the late great Freddie Mercury the lead vocalist of Queen's astrological birth chart


Do you know what phase of the moon you were born under? In this Astro Chat, I go into each phase of the moon and each of their magical properties.

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To further demonstrate love astrology; we are going to do a deep dive of the King himself - Elvis and his lady love Priscilla Presley.


I ask the question "Is my dog Mozart?" in this episode of Astrology Chats where I break down Mozart and Wolfie's natal charts in a presentation.

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