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Astrology is Real : The Psychology of the Soul

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

A quick search on astrology will give you a number of results on Google (I have very recently added DuckDuckGo to my Chrome because I am tired of fact checkers censoring my research); but you will find that the top articles about this subject will oftentimes label astrology as a pseudo-science. And by all means, I can understand where this preconceived notion would come from. After all, for a while all I really understood of astrology were the horoscopes you would find in Cosmopolitan magazine or perusing a page six in a newspaper. Or even Miss Cleo; all figures meant to trivialize the truth behind the ancient sacred practice of astrology and how it is being incorporated today.

astrology psychology

However, as we progress along this timeline, I have begun to understand that there is very much some deep truth within astrology in spite of the trivializations. The roots of astrology run incredibly deep; as deep as the earliest civilizations. Maps of the stars existed long before there existed maps of the terrain of the earth herself. Additionally, from a more personal perspective, your astrological birth chart is so much more unique and special than simply your sun sign horoscope.

My sun sign is a Taurus; but I always knew that I wasn't a typical Taurus. And this is because I have a moon in Gemini (as well as an Aries Ascendant); this additional information and planetary energy means that there is more to the natal chart than just the sun sign. When you were born and took your first breath the sky and the planets in the sky all had a specific alignment of energies; all of which are unique to you. Each planet carries with it, it's own energies and how these planets sit within the zodiac's houses, along with the chart of the present day moment will affect you on a personal level differently.

I have very recently discovered and went deeply into a very challenging aspect of my chart concerning Pluto and my Sun; and realized the true value of understanding your birth chart. There is so much to learn; and because of my background in studying Greek and Roman myth - I have a storytelling and archetypal view on how I interpret the signs.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post; I have somewhat recently completed a certificate in Astrology and have since then started a channel on Youtube called Wednesday Night #AstroChats. Every episode I talk about a new topic in Astrology as well as do a Tarot card pull for every sign for a particular astrological event.

Venus has very recently gone direct ( more about how we celebrated that event here ) after being in retrograde for quite some time. Tomorrow we celebrate the the New Moon in Aquarius as well as the Lunar New Year in the Year of the Tiger - its going to be a month of really intense and active energy that can enable you to achieve your dreams. We will be doing a tarot card pull for every sign for the month of February as we prepare for Venus to meet Mars in Aquarius in early March.

You can find my past YouTube AstroChats here - if you subscribe I would greatly appreciate it!

For last week's episode:

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