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Booty Band Tabata featuring Mushroom

I want to start out this post with the fact that it features the cutest mushroom stool that I purchased from Urban Outfitters. Disclaimer: I do not usually frequent Urban Outfitters, but this mushroom looked like Toad from Super Mario Bros so how could I resist?

This latest tabata workout features a booty band as well, so you could say that this a glute focused workout. Perfect that today is a Wednesday - hump day and I am posting this! This was unintentional, but I have done a previous post with a different hump day work out. Please check that one out after this one.

As mentioned in the last tabata workout - tabata is a version of HIIT where you perform a high intensity exercise for 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Here are the exercises so that you can follow along:

1. Banded Squats

2. Standing Lateral Hip Raises - Left

3. Standing Lateral Hip Raises - Right

4. Rear Glute Lifts on your Left

5. Rear Glute Lifts on your Right

6. Plank Toe Taps **these could be plank jacks too**

7. Pulsing Jump Squats

8. Hip Raises on the Mushroom

Note that there are a "lot" of unilateral movements in this tabata workout, but wanted to mention that the reason why I always start with my left side is because this is my weaker side. Based on priority principle, you would want to focus on the side that is weaker to you. I also like to keep track of how many reps I conduct on each side so that there is a level of keeping everything balanced!

Have fun and let me know how it goes.


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