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Comic Books as a Sublime Storytelling Medium

Alan Moore (who has written Promethea, Watchmen as well as V for Vendetta) has been quoted as calling the Comic Book medium as sublime, whereas the Comic Book industry itself as being complete dysfunctional and a clusterF*ck. I adore all of Alan Moore’s works and hope perhaps I can convince the wizard to do an interview with me one day. Please stay tuned to this website; as I work to update the services with my readings and offerings - and that includes my shows / podcasts.

But back to Comic Books as being a unique storytelling medium. Comic books combine words and writing with the art of illustration and images. If you look at the movie Sin City, they essentially used Frank Miller’s graphic novel as a storyboard. And that is really why Comic Books and reading them is so magical.

I read from my Comic Book collection as well as from the Library certain stories while in Cosplay - as a way of embodying the energy signatures as we work through multiple realities, time travel and what it would mean to express superpowers.

The read that I should be completing tonight is the History of the Marvel Universe. It features a story within a story as Galactus is telling Franklin Richards a story of how the Marvel Universe was created and all of the superhero origins stories until... the end? No because ending are just a place for new beginnings to start.

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