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Dance and Oxytocin: A Love Hormone Relationship Bonder

I covered Oxytocin as one of the hormone neurotransmitters that is also coined as one of the happiness hormones. The reason for this relationship is primarily because of Oxytocin as being known as the "love hormone". There is much more too this hormone of course, and this will serve as more of a deep dive into how to produce more oxytocin through dance!

What is Oxytocin and how does it affect us?

Oxytocin is the force behind attraction and caregiving, and even controls key aspects of the reproductive system, childbirth, and lactation. The mechanism of action behind oxytocin is not completely straightforward however. It is not as simple as more oxytocin = more lovin' feelings. Rather Oxytocin acts as a volume dial to your feelings and emotions.

Oxytocin seems to act like a volume dial, turning up and amplifying brain activity related to whatever someone is already experiencing.

Oxytocin is produced in the brain. Once oxytocin is produced by the hypothalamus, a portion of the brain that keeps the body's internal functions in balance, it’s secreted into the bloodstream by the pituitary gland. Together with Serotonin and Dopamine; its why we feel so warm and fuzzy around people we care about! Ultimately Oxytocin is related to pro-social behavior; and so just like with social relationships - there are aspects of being in love that can be a bit more challenging. Such as jealousy as well as formation of "tribal groups"; however, I believe with healthy social bonds and connecting the production of Oxytocin with literal good vibrations (and dancing) can help you feel happier and form more intimate

Dance and Oxytocin and Movement

We release oxytocin when we hug, have sex, pet a dog, are around someone's vibration we really like, as well as when we move in sync with other human beings. Dancing with others, especially to a synchronized routine is one of the best ways to form bonds with friends. This is also why shy little me, found dance as one of the best ways to make friends and break out of my shell.

This is also why I have called my Dance Classes MOVEMENT MAGIC classes, because of the many ways movement can bring coherence back to our cells. I also offer Biofield Tuning within some of my special more intimate classes; which assists in the balancing of energies within.

The world is vibration and light and so, when we move in synronicity with each other - it's like being a flock of birds and a shared flow state where time and space is suspended for just a moment in time.

I hope you join me for my next Movement Magic class and have more happy hormone health in your life!

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