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Differentiation in Astrological Death Chart Readings

We are officially in Scorpio season, and on the eve before we are about to hit Halloween. I am reminded of my series where I conduct both birth and death chart readings for a specific individual. You can find the previous episodes of my podcast of Birth and Death Chart readings here. I am planning on an upcoming post revisiting my chart reading of Louis Riel, but this post is going to be reserved for the differentiation in Death Chart Readings.

Time of Death Readings vs. Death Chart Indicators

My perspective is that there is huge intel and understanding to be found when an individual enters the realm. This is why we have the birth or natal chart, which gives us clues based on where all of the planets were sitting at the time of your birth. That being said, it would make sense that there is intel to be found at the time of an individual leaving this realm.

When I first started looking into Astrological Death Chart readings, there was a lot from the predictive astrology realm in regards to if there are indicators in a birth chart to tell when someone would die, or in what way or things like that. All very morbid, in my opinion, although one would argue somewhat useful as it comes to predicting possibility. I am not much in terms of "predicting" perse, but more about aligning our behaviors with the greater cycles of the universe.

Finding Meaning from Endings in Death Chart Readings

Much like a book or a story, there is always an end to every beginning, and for there to be a new beginning - there must be an ending. I always disliked endings, especially when you are reading a really good trilogy or book series, and you can feel when the storylines are being tied up, you know that the ending of this fun journey will be over soon.

Our society does not necessarily do a very good job dealing with the transition of death. I have a personal viewpoint that death is a transition point, and from a perspective of those whom are left in this realm as a loved one transitions out... there can be tremendous comfort in an analysis of what occurs when we leave the realm as much as when we come into it.

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