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Do or Do Not - There is No Try

Well we did it, we are finally in September! It completely felt like August was gone in a blink and now we are already into fall. To be fair, I am not ready yet, but will still take it all in stride. A big goal of mine was to really get up my monthly online training programs by September and I did!

If you want to see what Warrior Goddess Coaching is all about, you can check that out here:

The payment via the site isn't completely working yet, and so please contact me directly via email at: if you have questions. The great thing about the monthly program is that it can fit your lifestyle, as well as it is month to month so there isn't ever an issue if you need to take a break. Additionally, your program is yours and is specific to the type of warrior goddess you are (ie. Earth vs. Fire) and will be designed as such.

That brings me to the title of today's blog, which is a classic quote from StarWars. My Instagram bio for a long time had : "Trying to be a warrior goddess." Which, bless my husband Kevin, has been proven to be a misnomer. I am a warrior goddess; one of the earth and the moon to be exact. I think it has taken a while for me to really settle in to what I truly think I do as a personal trainer, and it is more than just counting reps and programming exercises - it is about giving other women the tools to access their goddess self.

So, as of this blog post - it won't be about "trying" to be a warrior goddess. It will be about living out what that means and DOING IT; the action of every day being in touch with your higher self and acting accordingly. It isn't always easy, but I think that is the point.

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