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Episode 1: Why I Said Goodbye to Competing

Well I finally did it. I finally published my first vlog / podcast / thing. I wrote out the script entirely ahead of time; which I think ended up being a little bit to my detriment as I think I spent too much time NOT making eye contact with the camera. That being said, I will be filming Episode 2 tonight and hopefully I will do a better job off of just talking points instead :)

As for this episode. 2020 comes with it a new beginning; but as with all beginnings - there is an end. Competing in fitness was something that had consumed so much of my life in the last decade; that part of the podcast was a purge of who I was before... in order to truly change, evolve and hopefully become a better human being at the end of it all.

Regardless; I am hoping to film my Vlog once a week with the theme varying between technology, health and movement. Please subscribe as I promise it will get better, or at least I hope so. Was also wondering if there are other ladies out there who have decided to say goodbye to competing in fitness; and maybe not always fitness... could be bikini or figure or bodybuilding. I think the lessons learned in the process of engaging in competing in a physical activity can be similar. But mostly I am interested in the reasons why we decide to compete in the first place?

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