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Episode 2: Rachel v. The TTC

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Let me first start off by saying that myself and the TTC have had a long standing blood feud. You may think that I am being dramatic, but I truly am not. Since moving to Toronto over a decade ago - I have been dependent on the TTC for all of my transportation needs. When I first got here, I was enamored with the subway... just because I was coming from Winnipeg where we would drive everywhere. I had also visited New York City the previous year and was ready to live my big city life.

Unfortunately, the TTC and the New York Subway System are not the same. I could list many of my grievances with the TTC in this post, but that actually isn't what the latest podcast / vlog episode is about.

When I was riding the Spadina streetcar last year, I was dropped with a $250 dollar ticket for "failure to comply with posted sign". Which is basically the TTC's blanket conviction for everyone I suppose. The exception being the man who urinated on subway property ... but perhaps that is a story for another time.

For real though, I think the real story here is just one of prejudice as well as just standing up for yourself when you know you are standing with the truth.

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