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Fascia and Consciousness : Why Body Awareness Matters

Years ago, back when I was much more heavily invested in competing in bikini and fitness shows - ended up seeing a Fascial Stretch Therapist to assist with my posing on stage. Reason being is that when I would lean out, the way I would stand would effectively make my ribs have the look of "popping out"; and this had a look of being more hungry than healthy. More on why I decided to retire from fitness competitions here.

These treatments eventually led me to convincing my husband Kevin to expand his scope of practice to include Fascial Stretch Therapy. This has been wonderful news for me, and also has led me to researching what exactly Fascia is.

To quote an amazing article called " The Structure that Carries Consciousness ":

Fascia permeates our entire being three dimensionally, uninterrupted from head to toe—through every organ, muscle and bone, precisely infusing into each and every cell. Within this extraordinary system lies a network of communication that is comparable to the operating system of a computer. The brain acts like the hard drive as it signals our bodies to move, organs to function, and holds astounding intelligence all on its own.

Now the above is basically getting ahead of myself and the story, but it sums up the intent of this blog post nicely. Fascia is a thin casing of connective tissue that surrounds and holds every part of your body in place. Fascia is so unique in the body because it is the only element of the body that touches and connects with all other elements. How amazing is that?

Fascia lives at the intersection of mind, body and spirit – receiving and responding to communication (energy) from your conscious mind, your subconscious (nervous system), from your daily activities as well as environmental triggers like toxicity, other human beings’ nervous systems and electromagnetic signals (like WiFi or EMFs).

All of this is to say that on a level, your fascia is receiving information regularly from your mind, body and spirit and stores it within it's cells. The structure of fascia is similar to a liquid crystal. So when we say that the body "stores" emotions; it is likely that we are talking about our internal internet of Fascia. So for example, a past trauma or a stress can express itself in the form of a stiff neck or back pain.

On another level, I like to think of fascia being conscious when I think about learning new dance choreography or a new routine. The moves and the steps eventually do not sit in my consciousness, but instead that information and knowledge is stored within my body and fascia itself. It only needs the music and vibration to activate.

What this translates to is that having a happy and healthy fascia is key to overall well being (and for dancers actually can help you with body awareness and flexibility. To commemorate this connection between consciousness and fascia I have a special discount code: DANCER15. If you consider yourself a dancer; then please book a healing stretch treatment with us.

If you have further questions:

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