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Girls that Game and Roadhouse

My sister and myself have been streaming on Twitch together since the whole lockdown and quarantine thing happened. She streams playing other cooler games as well, so go check her out! One day while we were streaming we had a very long and drawn out conversation about the movie: "Roadhouse".

If you need a refresher on what Roadhouse is all about, it's basically about a super hot Patrick Swayze playing a bouncer with a PHD in philosophy. And before you say anything - I know, it's a "bad" movie. However, myself and my husband consider ourselves movie buffs and there is definite merit in bad movies... eager to know if any of you have recommendations on additional bad movies. Bad movies are not the same as unwatchable or boring movies; which are not worth extra time or attention. I actually have a rule about making a call in movies about just pulling the plug on them if I don't find them engaging.

To me, movies are just really about telling a fantastic story using the cinematic medium. Is Roadhouse a fantastic story? Maybe not, but it sure is entertaining. And plus, I do love Patrick Swayze - RIP. Swayze plays Dalton... I am not sure what "kind" of name that is. He is also rocking an epic mullet, which is a relic of the 80's and something that a lot of hot men in movies rocked back in the day.

My sister finally had the pleasure and good fortune (haha) to watch Roadhouse and we ended up with the below clip that occurs right before the end fight scene:

We are basically talking about what the bad guy says to Patrick Swayze before he gets his ass handed on him because... ROADHOUSE!

Now what does this have to do with Girls who Game you ask? My point here is that to be a Girl who Games... you do not have to be a streamer, or play the cool games, or even be good at every game - I am speaking from experience. The point is that you are entertained by the game and I do think good video games tell a good story. I have an soft spot in my heart for RPG games so of course I think that, but you find good stories in games like Mass Effect, Halo, Bioshock, etc.

So I just want to end off this blog post with the fact that you can watch and enjoy the things that you find value in, regardless of what the status quo demands from you! Just remember that. On that note, have you watched Roadhouse? And are you a Girl who Games? :)


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