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Trinidad and Tobago

Updated: Dec 8, 2019

It's been a couple of weeks since myself and Kevin have arrived home in Toronto after visiting Trinidad and Tobago. I went right from the airport back to work (albeit from home) and also had to prep for my court case with the TTC - more on that in a vlog that I will be doing later today.

But back to Trinidad and Tobago. I have been told that people do not usually visit these islands unless they know someone from there; via family or otherwise. We were going because Kevin's very generous friend and client had invited us to come and experience what life was like there. Unlike Punta Cana and even Mexico, where we got married (you know, besides the whole marrying the love of my life part; this truly felt like a really life changing experience.

There was no resort, no crowds of people, no cliche drinking my face off all day in the sun whilest slathered in coconut oil... I actually applied SPF 60 liberally to myself constantly and ended up returning home with a perfect tan that almost looked like a spray.

Instead, we spent out first 4 days of the trip in Tobago where we went on a hike to a secret waterfall, played on the beach that was just down the road from the house, ate the best seafood I have ever had and drank bubbles every night. Oh, did I mention that the house had a pool and we swam underneath the full moon?

Words cannot even begin to describe the shift in perspective that this has caused me. It has taught me to reshift my thinking as I have totally subscribed to the "hustle" mentality of the 6ix. And while I do thrive on hustling hard; I also have realized that this is not the way to live - at least not forever.

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