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Learning About Wielding Personal Power Through Characters

When I first asked my friend Aarti about prepping for our upcoming segment on Truth Beauty Freedom & Love, it was initially to discuss our crushes. Character crushes, so to speak. This was from a perspective that realistically, I usually had a crush on the character as opposed to the actor whom played it. Although having a pretty face actor embodying the energy of certain characters is a sure help - of course - it is not the main part of the attraction.

It's also why I have a huge crush on Master Chief from Halo, but that is a blog post for another time. This one is more about how to Wield Superpowers. I have been on a bit of a Supergirl Origin Story kick as of late - so you can get my Substack article about her origin story as well as her hand in saving the Multiverse in the same Year and Month I was born... so interesting how timing lines up with some things.

Spoiler Alert!

Supergirl is my Number 2 Pick of Character Inspirations, due to her multiple origin stories as well as her having a character arc of choosing to use her powers for good and to be a guardian of the planet; of her own accord - not because of any pre conceived notion or expectation.

What are some of the characters that have inspired you in the game of life?

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