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Marilyn Monroe's Astrological Birth & Death Chart Reading

For my latest Neurolinguistic Astrology LIVE show; I featured the original SEX symbol out there - Miss Marilyn Monroe. In this show we go over her birth chart reading; where we go over the fact that she was a Gemini, yes - but a Leo rising.

I am also going to use this time to go over something I realize I went on a tangent on when I was explaining the difference between a rising sign and your sun sign. In Marilyn's case, you can see thats he is a LEO rising - which I do feel shows up a lot in how she decided to play her avatar in the game of life. She did, however, also have some more challenging aspects with her Moon being in Aquarius and her Mars being in Pisces. I do think she just really needed to be loved and taken care of at the end of the day.

Marilyn still inspires me as a performer to this day. Her iconic "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is a wonderful entertaining and unique mix of flirtyness, fun and bombshell sex appeal all wrapped up in one.

Marilyn died on August 5th of 1952. I can't tell you how long it took for me to actually get that date right in my astro calculator to do properly. My psyche had to really focus to get the right coordinates in right. She was pronounced dead at 4:30am of a barbituate overdose. Some say that it was a suicide, and it may have very well been - my opinion is that it is likely she perhaps had an emotional spell where she felt like she wanted to kill herself; swallowed a bunch of pills and then thought better of it and tried to call for help... alas. Marilyn, her energy signature and her unique beauty - we will never see another one like her.

To get the presentation document from the show:

MARILYN MONROE Birth and death chart reading
Download PDF • 668KB

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