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My Dream of Ancient Atlantis

I am currently working on a dance piece that came to me from out of a dream, of a past life of being an Atlantean Warrior Princess. This piece would be just a small story of the grander opera of what my Dragon Warriors Saga will be. When I was about 14 - it was 1999 - it was a much simpler time. I long for the days where not every move needed to be documented on social media in order to make it count. Being as painfully shy as I was when I was a kid, I also had an over active imagination. This led to me being a lover of all myth and stories. And when I was 14, in 1999, I wrote Book 1 of what my now 6 Book Graphic Novel Saga will be.

Who are the Dragon Warriors?

The Dragon Warriors are an ancient warrior class of women whose roles in all of the multiverse is to protect the portals between worlds; and to honor the sacred cycles. All races of the world are brother and sister tribes of Earth; and in Ancient Atlantis, this was a time and place where life was in harmony. Energy could be harnessed from the elements themselves, and human beings were the true guardians of life and the many sacred stories playing out within the realms.

Dreams of Atlantis

As I finish up the main plot of the book series, I am left to ponder the dreams I have of ancient Atlantis. Truly being half South African, and Half Filipino, I feel a call to a more ancient ancestor and birth right of humanity. There is innate intelligence in the organic, everything from the way that our bodies and neurotransmitters are so delightfully complex but utterly perfect in design.

I studied English Literature and Psychology in University, and as a result have studied the connection between stories and the very creation of meaning; and how this interplays with our own mental and emotional states. I also am very aware of Plato's recounting of Atlantis, as well as the research to "prove" or dis-prove in some cases of Atlantis' existence. Ancient Atlantis, to me, was a city center for the ancient world. The Mayans, the Egyptians, Druids, Indians, Japanese, Polynesians, root races from all corners of the earth would come to Atlantis to celebrate rites of passage and to honor ceremony that honored humanity's connection to the planet.

The Rise After the Fall of Atlantis

Of course, I do have to explain why we are in the pickle that we are in, and part of that has to do with the same evil that had Atlantis fall. Cycles of time, and knowing where we are in the story, is all part of living out an fulfilled existence here on earth. It's also why I am very called to Astrology, because it is a beautiful system of understanding this reality by why of cosmic markers.

Dark magic and the shadow side is the reason for the fall of Atlantis. Instead of honoring cycles, there were those who sought to hoard the power. Create batteries, stockpile, and keep the resources for themselves so that they could assert a type of control. This upset the balance of the world, and Atlantis fell.

There is hope.

After all, the past lives that one has in that root world is one that lives on in echoes throughout the stories throughout time. Through the roots of the great world tree in Atlantis underground, many fled, and put up sacred sites throughout the world in the form of pyramids. So that we would always remember a time when we lived in harmony.... and we would find a way... to take the planet back.

For the preview to the piece I am working on about an Atlantean Warrior Princess:

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