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No Bleach Method to Remove Fun Hair Temporary Hair Dye

I have always been someone to experiment with my hair. Back in university, I loved constantly changing it. I had everything from fire red streaks to blonde to black with silver white extensions. When I got married in 2015, I had an image in my head of having waist length black hair on a beach. Mission accomplished! However, I now had box black hair dye in my hair.

Anyone who has ever dyed their hair themselves knows how problematic black box hair dye can be to lift out of your hair. If you don't know - this is my advice, do not do it - go to a professional!

My hair stylist and good friend of years now, when we first met I told her of my dream to have platinum white blonde hair (a la Storm). And she looked at me seriously and told me to trust her and trust the process... and after about 6 months I got my white blonde hair.

Having white blonde hair is very stressful on your tresses, and as a result I had crazy breakage, which led me to adding extensions in. (FYI: This is also very stressful to hair) Finally, last year after my last dance performance show I told her that I would switch back to just blonde highlights to give my hair a break.

With the lockdowns and closures as a result of the 2020 pandemic, this also comes with it a bit of stir craziness ... as well, an opportunity to have your hair be all sorts of fun colours! After all, I was working from home, so if I had purple/pink hair what would be the big deal? I guess there's video calls, but that is not always necessary. I purchased a bottle of purple temporary hair dye but then basically sat on it for months. I was still a little gun shy from the whole black box dye situation. My hair stylist told me the next time I wanted to go dark to go and purchase a wig instead!

Halloween 2020 rolled around and I decided this would be a good time to go purple to pull off my Psylocke look! I did the pastel version, because my hair being very light would be able to take the colour really well. I LOVED IT.

But I am truly a blonde at heart, and wanted to get my blonde back in time for my updated highlights. Now here is the thing about temporary hair dye. When you are a blonde and you put colour in it - even if it is temporary, it tends to stick around longer than you would think. Even with shampooing it constantly to lift it. I managed to find a good no bleach tutorial to get back to my original blonde. You can check out the YouTube video HERE.

This is the recipe:

- Equal parts 10 vol developer

- Dawn dish soap

- Purple shampoo

- Baking soda.

Apply and leave on for 20 mins. Rinse.

See my before and after below! I was super impressed with the results. After I rinsed out my hair I also immediately put on a moisturizing hair mask as well, because even though I didn't use bleach - the ingredients in the recipe are also very drying to the hair so it is important to replenish.

Now that I have been successful in removing the hair dye I am now thinking maybe I can do a hot pink hair in the near future; we shall see! Until next time :)


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