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Perfect 10 Park Workout

We were blessed over the last weekend with some warm weather. This is in November, mind you, and so I took it as a sign from the universe to finally fully film a Perfect 10 Park Workout in it's entirety.

The Perfect 10 Workout was one that started as a boot camp years ago. As someone who was a trainer, I was also equally someone who loved going to fitness classes - anything from boxing to bootcamp to dance. What I noticed in some of these classes, especially ones where there is resistance training involved, is that with very large classes it can be challenging to fully be on top of every participant's form.

What this ends up meaning is that there can be injuries, discomfort, as well as even not using the correct muscles or intensity when performing the movements.

I wanted the Perfect 10 Bootcamp to be different. This was going to be Ladies Only (although I did throw some "Bring a Boy to Bootcamp" classes), as well as be capped at 10 people. I felt like 10 people was my max that I felt I could ensure that they would get the attention they needed to do the workout correctly. I also had a very specific HIIT protocol I would use after warm up, that would consist of very special exercises that I have developed through nearly a decade of personal training. I was always a big believer of the mentality of "go hard or go home" or "full out or get out"... and that is precisely what is needed to get the most out of HIIT.

If you would like to try out a different protcol, such as Tabata, try out this workout ---> HERE.

So the protocol that I use in my Perfect 10 Bootcamps, I have laid out here in this video. Nerissa had just purchased another matching kettlebell so it was the perfect opportunity to get outside and do a Kettlebell edition of the Perfect 10 Workout outside and in the park - like the way it started!


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