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Quantum Healing though Space Time with Your Inner Child

I had a magic mushroom journey once, where I met my inner child-teenager in real-time. When I was about 16 years old, I had a friend named Cody who was killed in a drunk driving accident on the highway. I grew up in Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, out in the prairies. It’s not like Toronto nowadays where you can just call an uber or get on the TTC. Jury is out on how reliable the TTC actually is, but it is all to say that there wasn’t much in the way of public transport back in the day in Winnipeg - let alone when it’s winter and cold and snowy and slippery as hell on the roads.

This accident occurred on the Perimeter Highway in Winnipeg, and a large truck had run him down.

He was only 16 at the time.

Remembering my Childhood Friendships

Cody, Richard and Jeff were a trio of friends who came to our school in Junior High at St. Emile from the farm somewhere. Apologies; the name of the exact town escapes me right now. Winnipeg is the capital, and so there there were lot of smaller farming towns around. So these three boys were basically imported into our class, and my crew of girlfriends and them became friends. Everyone seemed to have a crush on Richard for whatever reason (my crushes were always not what everyone else wanted). I remember Cody had a big crush on my friend Raye at the time, and have a fond memory of them pulling up to my house on Tidal Cove to pick us up one summer in a beat up muscle car.

When my girlfriends and I attended the funeral, we approached the open casket together - hands clasped together as we waited out turn to see Cody one last time and pay our respects. What a feeling… to see a boy who I was laughing with days ago to… this, an empty body, his soul onto the next adventure. The four of us cried as it was an encounter with a story ended too soon, a body left behind that was just an echo of the vibrant boy he was in life.

In my astrology, I have an opposition with the Planet Pluto.

Pluto represents death, rebirth, change, the underworld… endings and beginnings. With my aspect, I have faced much more death and have attended many more funerals than I would have liked to in my years here, however… it has given me a peace with death. An understanding that it’s just like an ending of a storybook, and that as the cycle of life turns, we turn with it.

After the funeral, I went home and cried in the bathroom for a long time. My mom didn’t understand it, saying something like “You didn’t know him that well.” But I did, and I was never good at expressing my closeness with others to my parents. On my magic mushroom journey I was able to travel to that point in my life, crying in that bathroom in the bathtub for a friendship, for adventures never taken, for words never said, for a life taken so abruptly.

And I gave her a hug. Through the time space, I reached out and I hugged her and I told her that death is not the end, it’s only another beginning.

In real time… I felt that hug, in my body - in my soul.

And so this dance below is a dance… to my younger self. I love you :)

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