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Sacred Soma Storytime Serenade

After one of my heroic journeys on Magic Mushrooms I got some very important intel regarding the secrets as to how this reality functions. And guess what? It has everything to do with storytelling.

It related back to how telling stories was both a way to communicate reality; but also is a part of how we create and experience it. I mistakenly thought that it was Terrance McKenna who quoted:

Those who tell the stories rule the world.

However I stand a little corrected because while I am sure Terrance said this, after all he was a modern-era bard in his own right, this is an old Hopi proverb. Which makes sense, considering the amount of knowledge that can be passed down through the generations by story. Plato had a very similar quote about the importance of storytelling by saying:

Those who tell the stories rule society.

Stories are a currency. In the world of Mushroomland, oftentimes you can trade quantum understanding of stars for a juicy story with a surprise ending. As a result, I started a series on Sacred Soma Alchemy called "Sacred Soma Storytime" Serenade which started with a trilogy of love stories. The three love stories were ones from ancient Green and Roman myth, which have long been a favorite of mine. If you have missed any from the trilogy, you are in luck as I will post them below with a quick synopsis.

1. Eros and Psyche

Understanding the stories and mythos that inspire you is important to unlocking your own power. In honor of love month, I am telling a story about the God of Love himself, Eros, and how his love for Psyche transformed her from a mortal into a goddess. Psyche is also said to personify the human soul and represent how the soul can also be made immortal through the power of love.

2. Orpheus and Eurydice

This is a retelling of the classic myth of the musical Shaman Orpheus and his love Eurydice - with a surprise happy ending. Myths and stories have the power to weave the very reality that we are living. Be mindful of the stories that you tell and that you let into your psyche. Credit for the first retelling of the ending by John Lamb Lash.

3. Venus and Adonis

This is the final installation in my "Great Lovers" Storytime Serenade Trilogy which features the goddess of love and beauty herself Venus in love with the mortal Adonis. Shakespeare also did a rendition of this story, which due to its poetic nature has some other themes associated with it.

But back to the initial goals of the Sacred Soma Storytime Serenade! It was all about sharing stories of love, hope, triumph and some good lessons while we are at it. My dad used to read me a book before bed from the age of 2 and when I could read on my own I would be under the covers with a small light, ruining my eyes, just trying to finish this one last chapter.

I will be resurrecting this Storytime Serenade on our production website and channel : And I will be focusing on Egyptian myth next, another trilogy of love stories starting with one of the greatest: Isis and Osiris. If you have any suggestions for upcoming Storytime Serenades I am happy to hear it! Until next time.

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