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The Magic within Movies & The Power of Storytelling

Movies are truly a type of magic. If we look at the history of the moving pictures, we will find that the suspension of disbelief in order to lose yourself within a story is a type of magical phenomenon. For many of us who grew up as dreamers - movies and stories would function as a type of escape into a whole other world.

To be a great storyteller takes a couple of things. I had many teachers in school growing up who would read books to us aloud. Some were better than others. Points for those who would do voices to add nuance and personality to the characters. In a time where there seems to be such censorship and where the news has become entertainment… I just want my fantasy worlds back. This is why I wrote Dragon Warriors, but I will get to that in just a moment.

I grew up in the 90s before the two towers fell. In fact, I have a very vivid memory of 9/11. I was in biology class in Grade 9, and we ended up rolling in the television to see that particular tragic storyline play out. I had written my first Dragon Warriors book the summer before; and the main goddess who led the Dragon Warriors was none other than the Egyptian Goddess Isis. I saw in horror the world completely desecrate Isis’ name - relating the compassionate magical wife/mother goddess to a terrorist organization.

And now that I know so much more about how words truly make up the structure of this reality - I also know that this desecration of her name was completely on purpose by the greater enemy to Earth and the borg system..Over 20 years later, my original transcript of the Dragon Warriors Battle for Mount Olympus lay dormant in the basement of my fathers home in the prairies of Winnipeg.

That is, until I had a very fateful Magic Mushroom journey that reminded me of this book and how I always wanted to be a writer.

Myself, my husband and Wolfie embarked on a road trip to Winnipeg to retrieve the manuscript. Admittedly many of my jokes are incredibly dated, but I am working away on updating. The updated synopsis is below:

Book One - Battle for Mount Olympus

Book one takes place in a high school out in a city in the prairies. Unsuspecting teenage girls in a dream are told by their respective guardian goddesses that Mount Olympus is under attack; and they need the Dragon Warriors to activate. The Dragon Warriors and the Knights of the Sun (whom are their male protectors and counter parts **some are dragons in shapeshifted disguise**) wake up to their past incarnations in ancient Atlantis and have their powers come through their world so that they can teleport to Mount Olympus to take back from the evil Queen Wetikos power. Many stories come to life as the Dragon Warriors and Knights of the Sun make their way up Mount Olympus; encountering Hercules and vampires as well as learning lessons about friendship and working together. Eventually they banish the evil Queen Wetiko from the throne of Mount Olympus, reinstating Zeus as well as preventing the doors to different universes that Mount Olympus serves as from being breached.

Once the evil Queen is defeated and banished from Mount Olympus; she leaves an ominous message that we haven't seen the last of her - and the Dragon Warriors and Knights of the Sun are returned to their regularly scheduled lives; as well as they are only left with a strange dreamlike remembrance of events. Some think it was just a crazy dream, others think it was a psychedelic trip, others think it was nothing at all. Rachel goes on to write a book about it, and it closes on a happy note.

The Movie I am Making with Gold & Suga Productions

Book Two, which follows this book which I have finished transcribing, is called Escape from the 6ix and is the only one which will have a short film accompanying it. It is meant to be the spiritual successor to John Carpenter's Escape from New York and Escape from LA. It will be called Escape from the 6ix, and will be about the Dragon Warriors escaping to the future via using a portal. How this all will work out will be dependent on some creativity and movie magic.

I think we are all feeling like there is something very wrong with the world. I have spent the last few years working in global consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies and even the health-care (Aka Sick care) system and have realised I nearly lost my soul in the process.

Now that I am FREE I know my mission is to help creators and artists and beauty and FREEDOM connect and reimagine what the creative process looks like in the new world. All very exciting times, and so if you want to keep up to date with all of the happenings please bookmark our production channel! Looking forward to sharing my new fantasy world with you all coming up!

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