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The Power of the Placebo Effect

I meant to post about the power of the placebo effect on this specific blog months ago when we went on our road trip to Winnipeg to find the original manuscript of my graphic novel. The graphic novel in question (The Dragon Warriors) is worth a post all on its own, but for this piece I am going to be talking about the POWER of the Placebo effect.

I had filmed and posted the above video on the Placebo effect thinking that it would serve as an Episode 3 for the Podcast, but then realized that that content was much more specific. I think I am going to call these little mini videos "Quickie Intel Segments" as they are not necessarily enough for a whole episode but they have a little story that is timely.

Back to the "Power of the Placebo" effect. My educational background is that I have a double B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology and English Literature. It is really funny to me today the amount of folks who "write" but do not have the foundational literary devices leveraged properly - such as metaphor, allegory, etc. Additionally, I think we as a society have lost sight of what the symbolic meaning of stories are. When I was in university, myself and my fellow students actually conducted a study to test the power of the placebo effect; that is...

The power of belief.

What we found is that there is a metric associated with the power of your belief. Those who were "sold" the energy drink performed better than those who were not - even though they both drank the SAME substance.

You can take this idea into your regular life and I am going to relate this to the upcoming SOMA Seminar that I will be running on ZOOM this evening. Please click here to sign up.

Our bodies are the true temple and technology that we are so very blessed to be able to live our current incarnation in. Far too often we give our power of placebo away - to doctors, to gurus, to experts. Can you imagine the power of if you put that belief in the experts into yourself?

Until next time my friends.

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