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The Rachel Z Project Episode Four - The Birth of Venus and Warrior Goddess Energy

Hello Star seeds and welcome to episode 4 of the Rachel Z Project where we are going to talk all about the Birth of Venus and Warrior Goddess Energy!

Originally I was going to talk about the story of the birth of Venus in a Sacred Soma Storytime Serenade series; but figured that the symbolic meaning of Venus is well worth doing a more introspective and detailed deep dive on.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty; as well as being the brightest planet in our solar system - Earth’s twin or sister. That being said, there has been a ton of misunderstanding as it comes to the morning star goddess and I hope that I can bring truth and light to her story with this episode. Let’s get into it!

Oftentimes, intel on the goddess Venus is interchangeable with the goddess Aphrodite. With the assimilation of Roman to Greek divinities, the identity of the original Venus was lost. The OG version of Venus ruled over:

  • Charm and Beauty

  • Fertility and Victory

  • Relationships and Youthful Love

  • Herbs and Cypress Trees

  • The Astrological Signs of Taurus and Libra (exalted in Pisces)

The Romans also adopted many of Aphrodite's symbols, such as the rose and myrtle to represent Venus as well and these were incorporated into many of her festivals.

The Birth of Venus

Venus was born fully formed from the sea. She was conceived when the titan Cronus (Saturn) castrated his father Uranus and threw his severed genitals into the sea. Uranus’ severed genitals fertilized the sea and from the sea foam, Venus was born. Roman theology presents Venus as the yielding, watery female principle essential to the generation and balance of all life.

There is a painting by Sandro Botticelli in 1945 that depicts the Birth of Venus. It portrays the goddess as standing on a shell, her hair covering her, surrounded by Cupid and other mythical creatures.

This famous artwork from hundreds of years after the fall of the Roman empire shows how important her mythological and symbolic meaning continues to be. Venus is also typically depicted as unclothed, and so any artistic female form in paintings came to be known as a “Venus”. That being said, since learning this - I do have my own photoshoots where I have channeled her Venus essence.

The Mother of the Roman Empire

Venus was so important to the Romans that they claimed her as their ancestress. Julius Caesar claimed to be a direct descendant of Venus through her son Aeneas. Aneneas was a champion of the Trojan war, who fled to Italy after the war. Aeneas was made to be immortal by Venus after his death with ambrosia and nectar. He is also considered to be the ancestor of Romulus and Remus, the twin brothers who were born to a wolf and founded Rome.

As a result there are many festivals for Venus, a notable one being on April 1st for the “Venus that changes hearts”, where patrons would ask Venus to protect them against vice. Because Venus ruled over love and relationships, new brides would offer their childhood toys to Venus.

With all this talk about love and relationships and beauty - where does this whole Warrior Goddess Energy fit in? Oh perfectly well it seems.

Warrior Goddess Energy

One of my favorite counterparts culturally to Venus is the Norse goddess Freya. Freya deserves a whole segment for herself; but I will just get into a few details now to explain warrior goddesses in relation to love, beauty and art. Freya is also a beautiful goddess of love and beauty, but she is also the goddess of war.

As goddess of war, after every great battle - Odin and Freya would choose the fighters who had proven to be the most courageous. Freya is entitled to first pick of the warrior souls to take with her to Folkvangr - which is the counterpart to Valhalla.

Warrior Goddesses do not go directly into the fray and start kicking ass, although we are surely capable of that.

No, warrior goddesses provide magical assistance to her warriors in the fight.

A warrior goddess will provide shelter from enemies, a sword that will cut through anything and never break, fearsomeness to face fear and the strategic advantage in the art of war.

Invoking the divine warrior within allows us to cultivate the strength to achieve Divine Destiny.

Divine Destiny

The Warrior Goddess is an archetype of the main divine feminine motif, focused on the spirit of strength to guide and achieve success. What does success look like? Perhaps it is a matter of even just uncovering what your divine destiny is in this lifetime.

There is also always the shadow side to be aware of, and in a Warrior - we must always reflect on the cost of any victory. True courage lies when your truth aligns with the Universal truth.

My goddesses, there is a warrior that lies within each of us. Some of you may express this divine warrior in ways other than physical - after all, true strength is more than physical. The main takeaway message here is to step into your power. Although Venus was seen as the “passive” aspect of the feminine, that does not mean without strength and courage and vitality - which are all also gifts of the Warrior Goddess.

I offer coaching regarding how you can activate your inner goddess. A link to how to sign up will be included in the follow up notes, but I will also drop my email in case you have any questions.

The reason why I state that I am a Warrior Goddess is because I have the SUN and MARS conjunct in my 1st house, and to be honest - I have spent much of my life running away from what that means. But I am not afraid. Not anymore.

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