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The Sacred Soma Supplement Seminar and Body Alchemy

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

The Sacred Soma Supplement Seminar Part 1 video is now available on YouTube for you to check out! This seminar originally was supposed to be streamed LIVE on November 22nd and features both Mushroom and "Non-Mushroom" allies.

This video is Part 1 because goes over the definition of Soma as well as an introduction to Body Alchemy. I am in the tail end of achieving my Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) accreditation and so the importance of defining our terms as it comes to our relationship with our bodies and our reality has seemed to become ever more important.

I will go over the definitions of SOMA here because they are worth going over in a written out format.

As per the definitions, the word "SOMA" has a multi-layered and multifaceted meeting. The wonderful thing about linguistically creating and communicating is that there are words that have this unique attribute to mean multiple things simultaneously. An important thing I have learned from NLP is that the words that we say internally matter. Your body hears everything that your mind says, and your body also stores many of its memories within its cells.

Due to the fact that Part 2 also delves into some of our more magical mushroom friends that is only available on The Warrior Class. You can check out Episode 3 of the Rachel Z Project : Welcome to Mushroomland for some background if you are interested!

Finally if you would like to see Part 2 in full (this video also encompasses Part 1) so you can skip ahead of you already watched the first part:

If you would like to get our full SOMA Supplement Checklist you can grab that for a cool $3.33 from our Sacred Soma Website. Finally, I realized that my NEW MOON card pull went completely wonky in terms of filming so stay tuned for a new Astro Chat featuring Chiron as well as a "re-do" of a New Moon and Rune divination pull for the last month of 2022!

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