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The Synthwave Stretching Routine: And Why I know You Aren't Stretching Enough... Yet

A couple of days ago I posted what I have dubbed as The "12 Minute Synthwave Stretching Routine". Hopefully I will be posting this on a regular basis and making this a thing. Back when I was a Project Manager at a fancy cool agency myself and a few of my colleagues used to run a 20 minute lunchroom stretch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This was a way to get people away from their desks, up away from their screens and just move your body for a bit.

Did you know that the origins of stretching were of warriors before battle? And much like before doing a dance routine or a workout, it's good to do a stretchy warm-up so that you do not injure yourself in the middle of action. Now, being as I am in the final stages of my Accreditation of Neurolinguistic Programming (aka NLP) I find that it's a good practice to define what I mean by "Stretch". After all, I have trained enough personal training clients in the past to know that for the most part - on the whole, none of us stretch "enough" but what does it mean to have a stretching practice? It seems relatively simple right?

To me, stretching is much more than holding your toes for an arbitrary amount of time and then moving onto the next body part that is tight. Instead I would like to consider having a stretching practice as consisting of a unity of mind body and spirit moving through places of tension within your body and through patience and breath - finding the space to go deeper. So this is why I welcome you to follow along to the routine below!

As for the Synthwave part of the Routine. All of the universe is vibration, and as such it's ever so important to have the right music and frequencies surrounding you as you are strengthening and lengthening. I have officially retired my original trailer for my YouTube channel (which featured "No One's Gonna Save Us" by Maxthor) for my new "More than a Woman" dance but my love for the music genre of Synthwave remains. It gives me Blade Runner cyberpunk flashbacks when I move to it. The music in the 12 minute stretch is by Karl Casey by White Bat Audio - which is copyright free and so why not use this as an opportunity to highlight creative artists as we all synergistically create?

And finally, in a body full of muscles it can feel very overwhelming to feel like you have to stretch every body part every day. Common areas that I like to focus on for stretching and lengthening are the shoulders, hips and back - but similar to a workout routine, it's good to have a practice of stretching as well! So I hope posting these weekly Synthwave Stretch routines will help, I will be hosting them pop-up style in the upcoming weeks as well stay tuned!

Sources for more info on Stretching:

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Benefits of a Stretching Practice


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