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Why I Love Unicorns

I am well aware of the complete takeover that unicorns have had on modern culture. Everything from a unicorn-themed cafe opening in downtown Toronto to unicorn-flavoured (jury is still out on what that would actually taste like) frappechinos from Starbucks. That being said, I would like to claim some semblance of OG-love for the Unicorn. After all, when I was a child I truly believed that they existed. I had a collection of unicorn books and figurines because I felt a kinship to them. After all, I loved horses ... what little girl didn't? And so to add in the beautiful magic to them - why that was irresistible.

My fascination with unicorns comes from two aspects. One is from the mythology around them. Unicorns could only be tamed by pure virgin females. In many respects, you could argue that it is just a huge metaphor for nabbing a husband. Be a nice virgin lady and then you can also get a strong and fierce unicorn with an amazing horn... if you know what I am getting at... but that isn't the aspect that I am fascinated with. That very obvious connection is far too simple. Instead I would like to look at the fact that the Unicorn is traditionally seen as a very male and majestic symbol, fierce, proud. And the only thing to tame the Unicorn was a pure-hearted woman. The power of a woman and her ability to have a Unicorn is from her kindness and gentleness.

The second fascination I have the Unicorns is my kinship to them. Unicorns by nature are quite unique, which is something that I of course resonated with. I also found a really juicy breakdown of the symbolism from the Awakening Times, but have pulled out a quote below:

"The single sprialled Horn is a Symbol of the endless, repeating Cycles of Time. It is also Symbolic of the Sword. And as the Sword Symbolizes the mind, the Unicorn's Horn also signifies Unity of Thought and purity of reason. We also notice that this single Horn protrudes from the top of the Unicorn's head which is the location of the crown chakra. The crown chakra is a Border Between Realms; it represents the highest level which our mind can attain and is the Spiritual Gateway to the higher realms of Spirituality and Divine Consciousness."

I have two unicorn tapestries in our home; and really it is a way to keep our space scared and a place where you can reach whom you truly are.

So in summary, I would say that I do love unicorns. Why our society is so very much obsessed with them can be a breakdown for another time... as Unicorns in this day and age have lost a bit of their native symbolism - they have become something gaudy and more in line with My Little Pony. But at the end of the day, I will not dissuade little girls from being fascinated with Unicorns. Because that belief in magic and something so rare is something that we should try and keep within us, even as we "grow up".

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