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In Defense of Video Games and The Houses of Psychedelic Magic

Tales from Episode 9 of the Rachel Z Project Podcast

You may wonder from reading the title of this blog post - what the heck do these two topics really have to do with each other? Well I guess you would have to watch the whole podcast to find out.

Really, funny - YouTube managed to somehow have a "Podcast" option when it comes to creating a playlist now. I feel weirdly seen. Regardless, this will assist in how I organize the upcoming episodes as I will be re-visiting Episode 1; which was about how I said "Goodbye" to competing; as well as Episode 2 when I went up against the TTC in court over a $300 ticket. Spoiler Alert: I win!

But back to the original topic of this post ... I was made in the 80's, and you know what was also made in the 80's? Yes, that's right - video games. This relates to the Houses of Psychedelic Magic, because it provides us with a meta awareness of the function of a lot of our magical totems, tools and talismans.

Episode 9 of the Podcast is much more heavy on the defense of Video Games; which is a full on announcement of myself as a "Gamer Girl" whatever that means - kitty ear headphones and all. If you would like to catch my gaming channel on Twitch you can find that here.

As it comes to the Houses of Psychedelic Magic; this is intel that came to me through a heroic mushroom journey and such - note that this is my personal inner standing of how these psychedelic magic can be leveraged with intention and with the highest version of ourselves.

The Heroic Quest

I created my Substack, "Welcome to Mushroomland" in response to my breakthrough experience on Mushrooms. I relate Mushrooms to an Earth magic - and each of the psychedelics available to us in Nature's Apocathary have their own specific codex within that unlock very specific doors within ourselves.

Myself and Kevin are working away in attempting to be much more precise in our speech when speaking about the ceremony aspect of what we offer. So you will notice Sacred Soma Alchemy undergoing a little bit of upgrades over the next couple days - just in time for the Spring Equinox.

A Space for Creator Beings

We are going to be a lot more clear about the boundaries that need to exist in order for manifestation to occur. As such, The Rachel Z Project Podcast's home is on GoldSuga.TV. This will also be where my LIVE Psychedelic Neurolinguistic Show will be as well as our Gold & Suga LIVE Psychedelic Sound Journey through Spacetime and musical odysseys!

This will also hopefully draw some distinction in our offerings and how we can continue to assist our human family.

Let me know what you think of this episode, and for all episodes you can find that anywhere you get your podcasts!

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