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The Sacred Stories of the Stars

The Same Forces the Guide the Stars Guide You Too...

I discovered astrology as a beautiful way to interpret the mysteries of the world we live our our existence in. Everything associated with an event is tied to a specific astrological alignment. For every event in the cosmos,  all of the planets in the solar system (including the sun) have a very specific placements at that very moment in time. As such, everything - from a date of birth, to a wedding, to when someone leaves this earth, it all has a blueprint of the stars unique to that moment in space time.

My viewpoint is from a Neurolinguistic Astrology viewpoint, and so from the perspective that the astrological birth chart provides clues to what storylines in this life best serve your soul purpose.

About the Planetary Rulers in Astrology

All About Pluto Feat.
They LIVE (Movie)

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