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About Me

Welcome to my website. I consider myself to be a multi faceted creative being; but grounded in a way to bring imagination into the consensus reality realm.


I was born in the mid-80's in the prairie province of Manitoba in the city of Winnipeg. My father is from South Africa and my mother is from the Philippines. My birth was not an easy one, as I was born approximately 3 weeks late and by emergency C-Section. I guess I wasn't too keen on leaving my mom's comfy womb just yet. Due to the fact of my late birth, they shaved part of my hair off to administer antibiotics. Coming into this world was not an easy one, and finding astrology has helped me understand why - but I will get to that in a bit.

In Winnipeg I grew up in a bungalow house in a neighborhood called St. Norbert. My dad now still lives in that house until this day. I have vague memories and stories from my parents about how stubborn I was as a child. I insisted on doing things myself, everything from opening the outside door of the the house with keys to pushing my own stroller down the street into incoming traffic. When my mom took me over to the Philippines and Australia when I was about 2 or 3 years old, I had a freak accident when I was playing with my cousin where I ended up slamming the back of my head against concrete. I fell unconscious for a day or so, in a foreign hospital with my mother freaking out. Out of nowhere, I ended up waking up. I bring this up because my current mission brings be back to this time in my life, but likewise will return to this story thread later.

Upon returning home to Winnipeg, I somehow knew I was about to become a big sister. I was memories of being really excited when I was told. Almost like we had a recent past life together and I was waiting for her to get here already so we could pick up where we left off. When my sister was born, my dad had to take care of me while my mom was in the hospital. I was fond memories of jamming with my dad in the basement listening to Elvis on vinyl and him letting me ride him like a horsey because I loved (and still do) horses. I also have a sharp memory of him making mac and cheese and forgetting the cheese! (My cronies!) 

After my sister was born, my imagination really took off. My parents would say that we didn't play with toys like normal kids would play would toys. We had elaborate back stories and a whole world and society built out for our toys. I always created worlds and have an incredibly active imagination. So much so, that when things would get tough, I could simply retreat back there. 

I had visions of a heroine helping me, much like She-Ra - who I was obsessed with... a well as the Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and Sinbad, Hercules and Xena: Warrior Princess whom we would binge watch on Saturday afternoons. In 1999, when I was 14 years old, I created my own book called: "The Dragon Warriors: Battle For Mount Olympus". It was about myself, and my 4 best friends at the time, all doing battle to save the universe from the evil Queen who can taken over the God realm. I typed it all up, and my sister even did it as a book report for her Grade 5 English assignment. I still remember her teacher sending me a note about how I should really write books.

My elementary school was a small Catholic one called St. Emile School. Graduation from this school was really hard for me. This school was so small that everyone was friends with everyone else. I also won the highest academic achievement award every year from Grade 1 until Grade 8. And yes, one could say, cool - I was considered the smartest kid in school, but that came with it a high price of stress, and constant worry of failing.

I went to an all-girls Catholic High School called St. Mary's Academy; which was quite literally run by nuns. It was here that I would really discover how much I loved to perform, and musical theatre. Because I was so shy, taking drama and improv classes really helped me to break out of my shell. I got into video editing at this time, editing and starring in a scene from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Act 3 Scene 3 as Tybalt "King of Cats". My friend and I also did our final thesis performance to "Macavity" from CATS. I just noticed that interesting feline coincidence there. 

After graduating high school I went to the University of Manitoba; where my dad was also a professor in Computer Science. I did not take Computer Science, no instead I did a double honors degree in Psychology and English Literature. Boy are those skills coming in really handy now. It was here I also joined the Bison Dance Team as well as became a bartender and started working out at the gym. I call these years my "wild years" as they were a lot of partying, crazy stories of how we managed to get home, et. cetera. To be honest, it was a really bad breakup along with the breakup of my parents as well my own existential crisis that put me in a place where I was constantly trying to distract myself.

After I finished my classes in university, I didn't even stay for the graduation ceremony. I had booked a one way ticket to Toronto to take broadcast journalism at Seneca. You see, I had this idea in my head that one way to use writing and an English degree would be journalism. You know, like April O'Neil Channel 6 News. 

It didn't really turn out the way I thought it would. I never finished. I instead got a job as a personal trainer at a gym downtown Young and Dundas called Extreme Fitness. It was here that I met the love of all my lifetimes and my now husband Kevin. Just like how I always knew I was going to be a big sister - I always knew I would be married to the one. And when I met him, everything clicked, everything worked. I came over for his 21st birthday and I never left. 

We have been together for 14 years and have been married for 8 of them, and through that whole time I ended up going back to school for Corporate Communications and Public Relations and got into the corporate world as a digital project manager for brands like Chrysler, Novartis, UHN, Accenture and KPMG. 

Playing the corporate world game changed me over time in ways that I did not even realize until I finally had my breakthrough experience with my shaman husband Kevin and magic mushrooms. You can get my initial account of that here. (I am working on one that feels more real and less "stiff" soon.) My married life I was also juggling the corporate "side" gig with personal training, as well as modelling and competing in fitness and a whole bunch of other things I loved to do. Turns out I was doing the same behavior pattern from before; distracting myself to avoid what my true purpose is here.

The universe works in mysterious ways because I did end up losing my big corporate management job. I spent months afterwards reeling from a loss of identity without a "career". But I have finally mustered the courage within to go after what it is I know I am here to do. 

I am here to write. To tell stories. To world build. The Dragon Warriors are back, and I have been working my way through how to translate this into a graphic novel and mini movie. This site is a hub for those creative artistic expressions. I also personal train clients because I have realized the importance of mastery of the body to the other facets of life. I am also creating educational fun material in a fun way to make learning fun, just like some of my favorite teachers back in the day. 

After all, you can take a girl out of the prairies but you can't take the prairie out of the girl. 

I remember who I am now. Let's play :) 

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