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Language & Thought : NLP and the Deeper Meaning of Words

Writing has always been a type of therapy for me. It was always my way of working through things the jumble of thoughts that came too fast into a more "Real" existence. And as I am working through writing my fantasy-sci-fi book about the Dragon Warriors; I have realized that much of how we are able to interpret others communication to us is through our ability to story tell.

dragon warriors fantasy nlp
Dragons Have Symbolic Meaning to Me

What is communication other than the deciphering of symbols to each other to derive meaning? The thing is, we all have our own internal "map" or glossy by which we ascribe to the world. But here's the thing, there are more to the words that we choose to use in communication to each other besides the strict definition of the word.

A Fusion of NLP and Astrology

This is precisely why I have decided to remove Psychedelic from my Neurolinguistic Astrology Salon Show. I think that due to the trendy nature of what is happening with Psychedelics; I no longer feel comfortable tagging my content as such. I wrote an article on Sacred Soma regarding the differentiation between the words "Psychedelic" and Entheogen. How I conducted this analysis was mainly by uncovering the etymology of each of the words. That is, the root meaning being the words themselves. The word Psychedelic was first used by British-born Canadian psychiatrist Humphry Osmond in a letter to Aldous Huxley in 1956. It comes from the Greek word psykhē"mind" and dēloun "make visible, reveal". My perspective of removing Psychedelic from the show; unless I am divinating with Psychedelics in that moment.

In Neurolinguistic Programming, also known as NLP, there is a saying that one is responsible for what is communicated out - as well as how that message is being received. When I learned this, it kind of blew my mind. There is a tendency to almost blame the other person when they aren't "getting it"; but there can be a number of reasons as to why that is the case. Maybe I should tell it in a more story format, maybe I should use visuals, maybe I should try another day when the person is more receptive to my message?

Words and Symbolic Meaning

We can never assume other people's meanings for words; especially very loaded ones like love and belief and soul. These are meanings that are massaged over time so that you can also develop the secret language of the heart.

A final closing thought is regarding Body Language; and how training and fitness is very much related to this concept. This is why I have resurrected my monthly Warrior Goddess Coaching and will be accepting registrations as of Wednesday!

Until next time my magical friends!


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